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Edsel's Plain melody 3MY~!

The Korean wave K-POP which has grown at the world level was undoubtedly cursed by market saturation.

Today, entertainment factories that make instant idols slide to mud both consumers and producers in the midst of the drought of illegal downloadable content.

The meaningless lyrics, boring repeated refrains, naked skin-showing competitions, and idiot choreography show that the entertainment market milestones are wrong.

In the situation where even junk food holic Americans are start diet themselves for defence their health, the Korean sound source market is building up low-quality content and blocking the arterial blood vessels themselves.

Digital boasting the sophistication like a knife and the speed of light, it turns a living organism into a dry mummy with very cold and sophisticated energy.

This is far from the essence of the "Art" where the same materials and results extend indefinitely based on relative logic.

Edsel's sound is a different dimension even on the world stage where the bottom of jazz is considerably expanded.

Recently, he collaborating with the best musicians of the day such as Janis Siegel of Manhattan Transfer who is a Grammy award-winning jazz beatles, and jazz madonna Dee Dee Bridgewater, and healing the audience's inspiration.

Edsel's rhythmic bodywork and refined melody are abyssal spells that replace boring instrumental performances with dynamic opera.

We are the 3MY~!