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Refreshing with 3MY~!

The morning which is the root of all things is a living witness that has made the history of the earth 4.5 billion years old by the starting point of “Day".

Yesterday creates today, today creates tomorrow, as well as tomorrow's future and history, there is always a "morning" that is often well-knotted at the root of glittering infinite prosperity.

Probably, this is the start of gate for someone to go to hell, but it is a paradise autobahn for those who enjoy everyday life at festivals.

The flâneur that never loses its relaxation and elegance keep a "one meal per day" regimen for fermented liquors and salads while enjoying live music and sunlight.

Cities in the world have many hidden managers with excellent abilities, but Leigh is the best gentleman and true flâneur, is the same as living antioxidant vitamins.

His hilarious humor makes us out of the slumber of sleep like a rising sunshine, even when suffering from pressed by heavyweight morning beddings.

He is a true flâneur who always display best of excels in private hospitality skills even compare to all hoteliers in the world.

We are the 3MY~!