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Je-ong's Special Cognac Juice

Fermented food is a super-energy condensate that has greatly increased the inherent aroma and nutrient absorption of the ingredients, and is an essential meal course that must be hunted if be a real power flâneur.

Fermentation is basically initiated by the catalytic yeast reacting with sugar and in this process, the raw material is made into fine molecules and various by-products are produced which are upgraded to foods that are healthier.


Among them, the core is alcohol that yeast eats and excretes a lot of sugar.

Frightening words such as alcohol and alcohol dependence and metabolic diseases of liver cancer come to mind, but when actually taken properly, they are rather smart elements that help blood circulation.

Fruit liquor which is made by high-quality fruits is particularly effective for maintaining youth and vitality because it contains many antioxidant components and organic acids.

All alcohols are basically which starts with fermented liquor, If pulls out impurities and extracted only pure alcohol, and become a “Pure Whiskey” which has a infinite charm.

Unlike "makgeolli, fruit liquor, fake shochu with chemical fragrance, corn-flavor beer" which induces extra headaches and hangovers, Cognac, armagnac, malt Whisky makes we a reassuring friend every night because don't upset stomach no matter how much we eat.

Distilled liquor concentrates the original aroma of alcohol and fermented liquor, so if drink it direct straight way, it will be a fatal irritation to stomach.

Therefore, when blending various mainstreams and spices, the aura of alcohol is offset and can be Indulged in a deeper scent.

Sweet taste is a “butter booster” that amplifies oily taste when it meets fat, but on the other hand, it acts as a sedative to reduce the stimulating taste, so it  has a special effect for blocks the stimulating taste such as salty and sour.

Therefore, a sweet honey scented single malt or amaretto works well with citrus and Berry liqueurs, and even add a little bitterness through cinnamon and smoke treatment can feel a more profound aroma.

Korea's drinking culture that loved in strong liquor and sharpness snacks is a major obstacle to preventing brandy interest and investment growth.

It is not surprising that brandy in pursuit of fragrance fullness is ignored in places like the Republic of Korea occupied by so much bad drinkers who are faithful to the “die immediately, after drinking” slogan.

Too see, the famous local bar and even the hotel bar tend to gradually reduce the investment in brandy.

Fermented liquor with low alcohol content tastes people like snacks, and concentrated distilled liquor makes a great friend with a deep scent alone.

Cognac Juice dances with many Flâneur's tongue and nose as the stage and still draws a piano melody and a sweet bitter night.