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What is Professional

An expert is a person who has abundant theories and practical skills that can be used immediately.

They derive its maximum usefulness compared to investment time with its superior and sophisticated ability.

Unlike the prejudice that generally professionals are cold and cynical, Elly is a new specimen of professionals of this era that combines hot passion and cleanliness attitudes.

Her meticulous attitude which throwing away unnecessary "semblance" and matching the height of the client's level with an veridical greeting is a virtue that everybody should follow, beyond the hospitality industry.

Humans are endlessly trapped by selfish greed and chase futility for the rest of their lives, but  rather learn more when see a real expert like Elly who is joy spread.

Capitalism is basically driven by meshing with an infinite competition system.

Competition requires constant development and gears which unscrewed without development will eventually be disposed of.

If there is no better next year than yesterday, it will be disposed of without sound. that's logic of capitalism.

This is especially true in the hospitality industry where blood splash all over in all directions by extreme competition.

We should always strive for development and take our own high for all progress and prosperity.

We are the 3MY~!