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Get back to nature

Health and longevity are the most common desires and ultimate goals of all mankind.

The lifespan of living organisms is determined by innate genes and acquired regimen.

A lot of information about health tips is overflowing like that tsunami every second along the trend of Well-being trend recently.

Living things that born in nature are not a terminator who lives by eating oil, so designed that can't extend their lives if don't continuously communicate with living organic matter.

But as food cultures became industrialized, the modern human regimen has been replaced by a “Third substance” that has been get out from the soil and water, and made by factories and machinery.

Any strangely named substances can found commonly in chemical laboratories turns into cute instant food surrounded after being wrapped in clean wrapping paper.

Most of the synthetic flavors and chemical additives born to mimic natural ingredients are substances extracted from petroleum.

Of course, the same applies to vitamin preparations that were leaders of health foods in the past.

The basics of disease-free longevity therapy are clean water and quality carbohydrates.

Eat raw crops such as cereal grains, carefully fermented yeast, and sweet potatoes, potatoes, and fruits with minimum cooked recipe.

Most importantly, no eat artificial food (ultra processed foods) manufactured at the factory.

High-calorie fine dining cooked with rare ingredients can be a “Taste”, but artificial food is just trash for any reason.

The immune system and metabolic system at the moment of entering the human body are disturbed and transformed into an “Abnormally frankenstein's body”.

Look at livestock that will be transfused with various types of antibiotics and growth promoters for mass production of meat and need to live poorly for a lifetime.

“Flower marbling of Korean Native Cattle” which was born by Korea ’s malformed herding system, is a work of "pathological metabolic disease" that can never be produced by feeding system that grass.

Man-made foods have much more “energy consumption” generated during the process of degradation than “available energy”, so makes extremely fatigue internal organs.

It is especially fatal to the liver and kidneys that are responsible for the detoxification and discharge functions.

The liver and kidneys are "silent organs" that have no symptoms until just before be necrotic due to internal damage, so it is very dangerous to feel safe taking a small amount.

As if the whole body was wet in light rain, if accumulated steadily every day and every year, the whole body will become an "industrial waste disposal site" and will rot instantly.

Poorly slugs who live eating with rotten sap and dry wood, are constantly running for glide of "disease and shortevity" today also.