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Korean Standard

Currently, Jungsik is one of the most notable chefs in the world of Korean style fine dining area.

As can guess with an mischievous his smile, Jungsik's work has a well-balanced wit, and all arranged in the right place.

This interesting magician put spicy chili in a dry baguette and transfused the Korean spicy taste, and also draw the four seasons of Dosan Park (where the Korean head office of the jungsik's restaurant is located.) and Hapcheon city, using chocolate on the dessert plate.

It's a casually reinterpreted with Korean food that is well known worldwide, so if get a glimpse of at it,can mistake it as flimsy european cuisine, but the familiar scent that permeates deeply in the mouth proves itself to be locavore.

So Korean gourmet are surprised with eyes, and European gourmet and American gourmet are surprised through a mouse.

Locavore is in everyday life!