3MY         WORLD

Illusion : Je-ong

A vortex that has lost its destination will make a path in all directions.

Walked east but flew west, and after looking back at the distance that came within, and soon crawling to towards the other side of the universe.

“Illusion: Je-ong”, a collaboration between mixologists Brian and Flâneur, is the third universe that is beyond the boundaries of Brian ’s signature “Lucid dream”.

Based on monin which has a citrus scent, blended with monkey47 that causes a powerful spark in the tongue and esophagus in place of port wine, further blurring the real awareness.

The octagonal scent that gives a sweet scent from all sides after receiving a flame massage is a milestone that will make sure that this is no longer the real.

Is the vortex a loudspeaker that wakes up a deep sleep? or is it a loose gramophone to guide to the world of dreams?

Today, the rainbow colored tornado protects the dream tree that wandering without a place to go.

Illusion with 3MY~!