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Je-ong's favorite aroma

Wine and soccer balls are the best messengers that can transcend culture and race.

There are various factors that determine the individuality of a wine, but it is exactly aroma that makes a symbol unique to each wine.

Even no matter how trivial wine that fermented by common grapes, is a jar of can held all the scents of the world.

The aroma of wine is completed in harmony with the inherent aroma of grapes, the aroma produced during the fermentation process, and the aroma produced during the last oak barrel ripening process.

Most of them are based on a sweet fruity scent and a refreshing herb scent, And strong fragrance that like nuts and caramel, sulfur, petroleum, and leather scents are created during the fermentation and ripening process.

Like this, in order to feel all kinds of aromas, is necessary to olfactory cells received the "God's blessing", or to repeat proficiency training over a long period of time.

However, excellent grapes born with good soil and optimal climate have a refreshing scent by itself, so there is no need to train like that stupid for the purpose of sniff on the unpleasant scents better.

Because if enjoy a bad scent frequently, mind and body be lonely.

For a party with good people, above all, the refreshing citrus and sweet banana scents are the best.

The champagne and sweets wine that refreshing and sweet are the best lubricants that will smoothly emulsify the stiff atmosphere and break the invisible walls.

This is the same as a strong flame throwers that emulsifies wild animals armed with hard armor, as if snows were melted.