3MY         WORLD


The fusion is a game only for true craftsmen with highly calculated precision and flexibility and  possesses the magic of replacing "ordinary" with "unusual", but if not properly prepared, always make a useless sound like that only the empty Buddha's wooden percussion.

It's like a “Bluffing liger” that has been castrated for all combat and reproductive abilities.

Common sense transcendental cuisine that is used for base broth after transfusing carbonic acid into soy milk is clearly demonstrates Ryu's identity that alchemy.

The whole world misses the essence.

In the case of cooking as well, the “High bistro” which is lighter than the “Fine dining” that is tense in a heavy atmosphere, tends to be in the spotlight.

One obvious thing is, even in the current situation where Bistros with unique personalities are rushing like a tsunami to around the world city including Paris, Ryu is the one and treasure that can never be replaced!