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Je-ong's Chicken snack

Birds and red meat, are the source of protein that humans can procure most easily.

Saturated fat and calories are low than red meat, and since protein denaturation occurs in white, it is much lighter visually.

Birds category that have become human's food are a small bird of the passeriform (sparrow), pheasant, medium-sized bird of the anseriformes (wild goose), and large bird of struthionidae (ostrich), and among them, medium-sized birds like that pheasant and chicken, turkey, wild goose and other, have been successfully domesticated, have the best flavor.

In particular, pheasant and chicken do not have the smell of fat, which is a fatal drawback of red meat, so do they make an optimal mariage with all spices and ingredients, just like white drawing paper.

After marinade with lemon and herbs, it's so good be baked and eaten in the oven, and after fried and mixed various vegetables, also good be make a salad by dressing. 

And when fried in oil and dived into a variety of special sauces, it becomes a more great nutritional snack!

It is a flâneur's snack!