3MY         WORLD

Super Vitality

Earth, air and water are the sources of the universe and all life energy.

“Mother Earth” that the birthplace and growth vessel of all things, listens to the revelation of the universe through water flow, and projecting the “envoy of light” that become a air and coming down.

Noble water is softly kneads the cold and hard soil mass, breathes into life, and completes the universe.

The brilliant light of the absolute's ignites the cold heart, and wandering in the phantasm world for the judgment of fable and extinction.

The Super Vitality that drawn by Jonathan, is a great universe where the treasures of the Eurasian continent have been transformed into a flame of creation.

The sleeping sea fruit, the pearls in the soil, and the seeds of innocent air, recept Jonathan's hot breath and got a new vital sign.

The place where the dark stones and thorn wings flew to far away, was the flame and crystal coexisted area.

Vitality with 3MY~!