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Blood Angel : Je-ong

Absolute's abyss resonates the entire universe with phantom sounds all day, but the already hardened walls and darkened windows have no ability to accommodate this.

There is a silly earth on a weak substance, and the indifferent universe has been insulted before everyone.

The archangel with super vital signs is dye the whole universe with blood, makes the flower of life force bloomed.

The archangel's white silk that emits a red aura, was put on the wind of purity and finally engraved in hell.

“Blood Angel: Je-ong” drawn by Newyork mixing specialist Chris and Flâneur is a legacy of Archangel corps who oxidizes himself to purify contaminated blood clots.

It based on cornerstone that of  "Citrus lime with the symbol of purification, Rum's powerful energy, and Pure white ice crystals", and was wiped the chaotic contaminated glass with a Spicy beet.

Beyond “Painful perseverance” and “Infinite sprint”, the flashes that depicting the Absolute's wings and abyss, is fluttering permanent at the beyond Moebius strip.

Blood Angel with 3MY~!