3MY         WORLD

Green Grass

Mother nature is a treasure box that keeps googol.

No matter how much accept, will not overflow, but rather will always provide quality nutrients and energy to universe.

Poor land contaminated with filthy air currents and darkness will gain vital power through the green and blue auras and will earn the qualification to soar to space.

"Green Grasss” made by “Ra” is a reproduction of nature that transplanted the vitality of the universe.

Green wishing for the birth of life, yellow wishing for growth, and with the burning energy of red, their drew out a the birth and disappearance of the universe.

If has only detox weapon that like "salty king crab and caviar, refreshing melon and spicy wasabi, greasy foie gras and refreshing lime", can clean up any malicious herds in anytime.

The green nuclear pile still breathes a powerful breath to unravel the knot between eternal life and eternal sleep.

Greenism with 3MY~!