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Je-ong's Nourishing tonic

Frogs are low fat and high protein foods, with even more protein than mutton, beef, and eggs.

It has excellent anti-inflammatory effect, and so has long been in the limelight as a specific medicine for pulmonary tuberculosis in the home remedy.

Especially since ancient times, the hibernating frog has been widely spread to the private community as a rumor that is powerful tonic for “insufficient that stamina men”, Therefore, if go to the countryside recently, can often hear the laughing story that "old people dreaming of hot nights makes all frog to extinction."

In fact, frogs are so effective that they feel instantly effective when eaten by a person whose body is weak and unwilling to do everything, In addition, the “egg” make by pregnant females frog is rich in gelatin and is particularly effective in enhancing genital-energy.

In addition, digestion promotion, growth promotion, diuretic action, swelling prevention effect is also excellent, so it is very good for people who always hear "water shaking sound" in the stomach because of their weak digestive ability.

Living frogs jump to all directions likes crazy, so when grab hard the back leg and hit the head to provide shocked and  the body stretches straight, and so can cooks well to easy.

Note that it must only be baked like crispy to the extent that all the water evaporates when baking, and if cook it badly, may be get the stomach upset, so have to grilling very wells.

However, the frog meat has no odor and is fresh flavor, so it also suits the liquor with unique character personality such as makgeolli.

The combination of a female frog that is pregnant and raw makgeolli that has live enzymes is truly the best fine dining!