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Je-ong's Peptic

The fruit juice is essential to taste-for-the-arts that endless epic that eating and drinking is repeated.

Because the fruit is a natural vitamin preparation that is consist a mass of enzyme, and provides vitality and refreshing to the taster.

Especially, concentrated digestif which is gently relieved unpleasant stomach after a meal, is the best taste-for-the-arts item.

The scent of clean alcohol and deep fermented liquor is a vitality steroid that enables an infinite journey that will unfold in the future, for taste bud that has been weakened by many stimuli such as sweet, salty, oily, pure, hot, cold.

Limoncello, a sour mass of citric acid, and Port that has sweet fragrance, and Sherry, Marc, and Poire are still driving adrenaline overtaking-lanes in our brother's “blood vessel autobahn” today.