3MY         WORLD


The pyramid supported by equilateral triangles from all sides is the most stable and beautiful structure made by mankind.

All the secrets of war that ensure the best defense and the best attack begin with from the three roots, including the continental 3 division theory which is the hegemonic governance theory of the ancient eastern civilization strategist Zhuge Liang.

Unicycles are good at entertainment shows but always unstable to operator, and bicycles which is two wheels with agility like bullets can be all becoming zero-based even with a slight mistake, but the three wheels bicycle which supports all directions precisely in three equal angle, ensures stable running and speed in any situation.

All three stems which is grown from the huge roots must demonstrate the same power and speed, and always have the same movement, because if one of the stems falls or is out of balance, the all formation will collapse immediately.

All artistic triangles start with from fashion plate, music and the fine arts.

Especially, gastronomy is the only tool that can enjoy all the vertices at the center of the artistic triangles.

Even if only have drinks, food, and music, everywhere will become a Eden where is filled with romance.

Emanuele and Antonio are true romantics who walk the right path of flâneur.

As long as there is good wine and limoncello, anybody no enviable to any emperor's meal. because emanuele is exactly aperitif immediately and the best main dish and dessert is Antonio's melody.

Where we are exist become a delta univers that transcends space-time anytime, anywhere.

We are the 3MY~!