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What is Globalization

Korean wave is the eternal messiah of all cultural workers in Korea.

Various content products of Korean nationality such as music, movies, dramas, performing arts, food, etc. have an omnidirectional influence from Asia, Europe to the new continent.

A common same pattern can be found by  when media explaining the Korean wave or observing the words it points to, it's all consists of aggressive and carnivorous expressions such as waves, landings and gusts.

Because language and culture are important mediators that determine the behavioral patterns of human groups, they become powered in their own right, regardless of the trend.

Wars that use weapons and strength at the forefront are destroyed everything and made everything a zero, but enlightenment that puts language and culture to the front absorbs everything as fertilizer and fertilizes the soil further.

In all ages, the war was the most powerful tool to build for single system after the strong nation make forced the weak nation depend on the host. 

After capitalism came into full swing, all cultural wars including imperialism, randomly shot the trash media products in all directions and polluted the soul of earth's mankind.

The explosive power of missiles and nuclear weapons can be converted into numbers, but cultural wars have no limit of destructive power.

It is because Physical weapons consume all energy through the process of being destroyed, but cultural wars is "beneficiary of culture explosion" become their own energy source and cause infinite chain explosions.

Remy who has spent half of his life with french culinary, performed "all round hybrid cuisine" with Asian cuisine chefs.

Using the zen-sai of kaiseki style, pot-au-feu with foie gras, saffron ravioli, grilled korean beef ribs, cheese mousse reinterpreted in india style, the “atlas of world civilization” was reproduced.

If marco polo cooked, wouldn't it look like this?

The energy source exposed to the culture is drunk by the positive mood of the culture and becomes an infected host by themselves.

The positive energy of culture is based on heterogeneous and a unique diversity.

Can traveling the five oceans and six continents with a seated seat and enjoying the infinite taste is exactly a gift of diversity, never a curse of uniformity.

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