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Real smile

The facial muscles responsible for human facial expressions are composed of the depressor anguli oris muscle under the mouth, the zygomaticus major muscle in the cheekbone region, and the orbicularis oculi muscle around the eyes.

Depending on how each muscle is used, many facial expressions can be created, For example, if use zygomaticus major muscle, will smile, and if use both epicranius muscle, orbicularis oculi muscle, zygomaticus major muscle, depressor anguli oris muscle, will express extreme pain like squeezing the muscle with a large squat can do.

Since human beings are social animals that are bound by a infinite range of mutual interaction from birth to extinction, have a higher level of interpersonal manners than other mammals.

Since the face is an absolute symbol for identifying the situation with others, the etiquette of facial expression is very important regardless of the difference between Eastern and Western cultures.

People's feelings can be explained in many different ways depending on the situation, but they are divided into large categories eventually converge on joy and anger.

Usually, if feel pleasant, zygomaticus major muscle and orbicularis oculi muscle are naturally used, and when anger rises, depressor anguli oris muscle and procerus muscle are naturally strained, But on the other hand, can consciously adjust these muscles to create a “false expression”.

Due to the nature of the hospitality industry that needs to keep smiles all day, “fake laughter” is inevitable.

The real laughter is that the orbicularis oculi muscle around the eyes contracts significantly and the movement of the rectus abdominis muscle increases the oxygen intake and carbon dioxide emission momentarily, so that feel the same phenomenon as if yawning become.

This is same reason that why tears shed when laughter is severe.

Real laughter has to run a large number of muscles to contraction and relaxation, and also consumes a lot of calories, so it is difficult to last for a long time.

Also, because it involves vibrations throughout the body, it makes people look ridiculous and at the same time keeps people around them smiling and contagious, so it is far away completely from “Eleganceful”.

Therefore, even if the client jokes or acts humorously, the hotelier will instinctively endure laughter and show a modest appearance.

Darren is a smiley man who shows himself what the hospitality is with an unadorned smile.

Darren's smile that keep a balance and warm favor is a powerful furnace that melts the opponent's heart regardless of whether it is true or not.

In the case of a grand-scale classic hotel, the response act is often exaggerated.

In particular, many hotels in the United States offer presents of “robot services” that lack warmth from the beginning.

The hotel commander is the symbol of the hotel and the symbol of all business owners, it's same that if sees child, can know about the them parent, and parent showed about them child.

The real favor would be to walk side by side instead of pulling out the opponent.

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