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Some time ago, we felt a lot when saw the statistics that the Republic of Korea climbed to the top of the OECD suicide rate.

It is a pity that the unique DNA of the peninsula which is satisfied only when it reaches the highest point in any fields, it was wrong expressed in this time.

It appears like a "Beagle that trapped in a jail" which was die from depression.

Unlike what shawn on the surface, koreans in particular tend to maintain a excessively serious attitude to everything.

If look at a country where there are many people with depression, there is a common point that the image is almost kind and polite.

It is as if a “depressed storm” is barely prevented by a “smile umbrella”.

This is why many people think the humorous character as a symbol of humanism.

Erich who is a pillar of hospitality industry has an charm that innocent smile. also a true Fun Maker that will take care of the people and make the people around happy.

Many emotional workers including the hospitality industry, suffer from “smile syndrome”.

Some argue that “Not laugh because of happiness feeling, be happiness through the be laugh”, But “fake laugh” and “real fun” are totally different dimensions.

A smile without a soul is just a series of tedious labors that overuse facial muscles.

We are the 3MY~!