3MY         WORLD

Good Morning 3MY~!

The sun, grass, and water will be oasis of desert for "concrete-politan" who is suffering from a chronic thirst wearing armor of the iron through the four seasons.

All mammals that including humans, devise their first life through an “amniotic fluid”, and plants that provide useful nutrients to mammals grow by eating water, and the sun gazing at the Earth from a distance will infuse all living creatures with enthusiasm.

It is a very natural survival instinct for humans to find rivers, seas and mountains.

In fact, it is never superstition that a patient who is seriously ill with a variety of highly toxic of concrete has been many cases in complete recovery like a lie after living in a rural “ocher-house” for several years.

The basic regimen principle of “Flâneur of disease-free longevity” is the ultimate body purification through the continuous detox of five sensations (auditory, olfactory, gustatory, visual and tactile).

While the dark night is a time for rest and charging, full-scale participation and growth always starts with the morning.

Flâneur's morning always begins with the energy of the rising sun.

After making friends who is the calm sea with glittering light, if send the sun hidden in the back mountain, it will be arrive hastening the Garden of Eden.

Ross receives a fresh sunshine massage every morning, so he's skin as soft as baby and dense as silk.

The nature of the skin is given by god, but with acquired management, can improvement and regression and forth as much as like.

Drinking good water, seeing good water, and being with good people are the best secrets for creating glowing skin.

We are the 3MY~!