3MY         WORLD

True Artisan

The dancing of chaos woven by 10,000 kinds of weapons and shields is the optimal combination that allows infinite variety.

That is why the “chaotic system” which has no absolute strong man, has become a whip that has led to the prosperity of all civilizations and ecosystems.

The poor buds that have been cut off body by hungry gazelle are in fact hiding the golden keys that can shake the survival of the Earth's ecosystem.

No matter how powerful Lions that enough to chewed gazelle with thunder roar and sharp teeth, is just a coward destitute who is crying in front of a excavator and bulldozer which are tamed by money flavor. 

But the trivial mosquito which is just a delicious snack of dragonfly, becomes a horrible dark reaper who provide the suffering of hell to rather all primates.

No matter how invincible Goliath, won't be able to win a trivial mosquito like a thumb nail.

Sicilia gentleman stefano who has entered the 10th year of Korean life, is a “culinary warrior” who can makes the best use of chef's most basic weapons.

He leaves a deep finish with a heavy hook rather than a hand jab skill.

Stefano's hand is amazing wizard to emulsify that like a rainbow various materials that may not match each other with a special personality.

It's like Mike Tyson's rubber band nuclear punch with a high degree of elasticity and flexibility.

When a craft is trained it becomes a powerful weapon, but if wear the illusion, it has a useless decoration.

It also same like the tail and hair of a human which has been on the path of degeneration and extinction.

We are the 3MY~!