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Adrian's Angel Whisper 3MY~!

There is a huge discrepancy from the origin area and historical perspective, between popular music and classical music that dominate the modern singing system. 

But in general, all both are following by a mechanism that mixes with appropriate magnification the sound created by resonating the vocal cord vibration with the "nasal cavity and hard palate" to match the characteristics of each genre.

For example, in the case of metal music that completely insane all senses with a free movement, the sharp and destructive voice are used for the purpose of penetrating the super noisy band sound amplified by the speaker. 

But in the case of classical music, a large resonance area is set for express a “Magnificent image” based on orchestra, so borned three-dimensional sounds like that the sound of resonating deep bottles.

In the all sounds case, the identlty is filtered as the divergence of the musical range increases, so the lower the musical range, the converged on the “boat horn” and the higher the musical range, the come close to “Metallic sound”.

Since the human ear was designed to be most sympathetic to the human voice, the “mechanical sound” that was filtered singer's identity is rather induces only stressful and boredom.

It is no coincidence that jazz which expresses a serene but moderate speed through the middle musical range, is a genre that provides the highest comfort to the audience.

Adrian who armed with a voice like whispering gently in front of his face, is a natural “Jazz Heidi” that uses “Pure jazz like White paper” better than anyone else.

Already, has been pursuing intense music in the process of collaborating with "Jimmy Smith", "Jack McDuff who counted as World Class Jazz Organist" and "Hard Bop jazz master Richard Holmes", but it has a lyrical tone and sophistication also, so can show off enough a combination of Casual-pop-jazz-sound.

It is a tone that can blend into calm music of acoustic base without resistance, so the vocal frame is super wide enough to accommodate country sound enthusiasts.

Adrian's vocals like an angel whispering, is great matching with sweet amaretto or kahlua milk.

We are the 3MY~!

Blue skies - Adrienne Hindmarsh

She - Elvis Costello