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Je-ong's Calvados Cult Special

The basis of detoxification for disease-free longevity is to eat fresh fruits and vegetables produced on good land with every meal.

Among them, apple which is the most familiar fruit for Flâneur is a natural fire extinguisher that gives a lot of organic acid and pectin to aid digestion and smoothes excretion.

Although many Japanese-born and improved species such as the fuji apple and aori apple are in circulation in korean market, the original apples are actually synonymous with Western fruits that began growing in the Mediterranean.

The sour fruit liquor is good for pre-meal to appetite, the wine vintage with sticky flavor is good for dining cuisine, and the scented brandy is compatible for the best to heal our brain and nose hunger.

Originally, the apple brandy calvados produced in the Normandy region are also liquors that fishermen who works in the coastal region preferred, and some French conservative gastronomes ridiculed them that was as “pee water” or “new world wines”.

Although the weight of the actual fragrance does not reach that of other brandies, the cool refreshing feeling and the innocent fragrance are not at a level anything it can be dared to compare.

Despite it is similar to vintage white wine heavily armed with Sticky incense, the refreshing apple scent reminiscent of Chardonnay is still alive, so we can feel the exact opposite taste of Cognac and Armagnac with a heavy body.

Of course, even in Calvados as “Old Vintage” which has a long ripening period can feel the deep flavor like Cognac, but the best way to feel the freshness of the bunching apple is "baby calvados".

Je-ong's Calvados Special is the ultimate brandy that maximizes the refreshing taste, upgrades the alcohol content to the maximum level so that the post-meal can also enjoy cooltime, and enjoy a rich body scent.

Taking a glass of it late at night is good for a deep night's sleep.

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