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The Way of Globalization

Currently, global technology is in the process of micronization of all industrial groups through separation and re-fusion.

The important parts that have supported human civilization which like is "Exhibition heritage" that symbolized military and monarchy and "chimney factory" that rushed like a train with large resources and human resources have gradually rusted.

In particular, “Bistronomy” which is a powerful nuclear punch for the existing fine dining industry that has fallen into mannerism, shows everything that the 21st century earth people really want from oily civilization.

What does it mean that after the well-being trend that started weakly over the past 10 years has grown into a global typhoon, and luxury hotels and local restaurants are abandoning vainglory and shaking for survival?

The two top of earth-well-being cuisine is a fermented-centered East Asian food and a Mediterranean diet that uses fresh ingredients for minimal cooking.

The italian meal which is fraternal twins with the korean meal, successfully created a global eco-cuisine trend from established a healthy slow food movement since the mid-1990s. 

The Italian International Slow Food Movement which is currently leading the Well-being gastronomy trend, puts traditional rare materials from around the world on the “ark of taste” list to help preserve food and develop food culture. 

Of course, Korean rare foods such as fish soy sauce, gamhongro (korean traditional liquor), black chicken are also listed on the "ark of taste", but perhaps it is very embarrassing for the government who sits comfortably and only shouts slogan every day in the office.

Italy Gentleman Massimiliano and German Matt Damon Steffan completed a clean eco-cuisine using ingredients listed in the “ark of taste” in collaboration work - with "Jin-Ju cripple wheat", "natural monument of No. 265 : Yeon-san Ogye which has black bones and black skin", "Hobanwoo (Tiger cow) famous for paintings by painters Joong-Seop Lee".

It’s like Korean, but it's not Korean, and also it's not Italian.

The dust of ultra-cubic thing that transcends direction has an infinite atmosphere and it is spinning the ground and the universe.

Globalization is 3MY~!