3MY         WORLD

Luxury is 3MY~!

All living creatures including humans are constantly eager to pursue “positive energy”.

“Positive energy” creates a new route and history through constant expansion and growth, but “negative energy” will eventually become extinct with infinite shrinkage and convergence.

Good soil and environment are the basic foundation for producing high-quality food and ultimately creating a rich life for living beings.

If water meets "positive energy", it become a freed by the third world that humans cannot touch, but the whole body that is frozen at a low temperature is restrained as hard state for a lifetime by its own shackles.

Living organisms up to the cell level lose their driving ability immediately after being integrated by exhibiting excellent adaptability in a tenacious conflict between positive and negative.

Such a phenomenon is like an indigenous natives who is live in rainforest that cannot withstand Arctic cold waves, and if the deep sea fish rises above the surface of the water, they dies with  body tears due to the low water pressure on the land.

Thomas emphasizes the harmony of "positive energy" and "nagative energy" more than anyone.

From an invisible shadow to a mirage that can be touched, "Infinite" is the ending point and departure line for our.

Luxury is 3MY~!